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In the residential market, stamped concrete is turning heads and boosting curb appeal as a paving material for driveways, pool decks, walkways, patios and entryways, this is a great alternative to brick pavers or natural stone.




No matter what the climate, when properly installed decorative stamped concrete offers the same durability, strength and permanence as conventional concrete. With quality reinforcement, it also holds up well under vehicle and heavy foot traffic. Because of the durability, stamped concrete is a practical choice for enhancing many public places, such as theme parks, malls, lobbies, parking lots and more...


Typically you see stamped concrete outdoors and underfoot, more people are now open to the many applications for stamped concrete indoors.



Some of the most common stamped concrete patterns are located on the left and right sides of this page. These patterns can be applied to any concrete indoor or outdoor.


Wood-Plank patterns are the latest in stamped design. They are the patterns you see located at the bottom of this page in the color box.


Cleaning and sealing stamped color concrete should be done on a regular basis, just like any other home maintenance. ABC-Coatings recommends cleaning and resealing every 2 or 3 years to keep your stamped concrete looking beautiful for a life time.



Fish Scale

Cobble Stone

Ashler Stone


Brick Herringbone


Fractured Slate


Wheathered Wood

Cedar Parquet

Wood Plank

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